The coronavirus

The corona virus, also known as Covid-19, still has the world under complete control at present.
This means that we cannot be as close to our loved ones as we would like, our favourite restaurants and cafés are closed and even normal shopping is currently regulated by strict measures.
A few weeks ago, even our shops were affected by border controls and delivery passports.

But due to solidarity, social distancing and restrictions throughout Germany, the infection rates have fallen below the desired infection rate of 1.
This week it was also announced that our efforts have not been in vain and that we are getting back a little normality in return.
First restaurants and cafés are allowed to open again and meetings with family and friends are again possible in a small circle.

We at OEGE-Trading also followed the news on a daily basis and were really excited about it.
Even during the Corona crisis we always tried to maintain the usual quality and the obliging service we are known for.
But most of all it was important to us that all our employees come through this crisis in good health.

We sent many of them to the home office early on and reduced the number of employees in the office building as far as possible.
We have divided our warehouse logistics into two groups of short-time work so that even if an infection should occur in our company, we are still available for our customers. Even though our employees may find it inconvenient to wear a mask, wash their hands every two hours and disinfect the workplace, we have made it our strictest duty.

We would like to thank you again for all the customers who have remained true to us over the years.
But also to the new customers for placing their trust in us. Because only together we can get out of this crisis.

If you want to inform yourself, you can do so at any time via the website of the Federal Ministry of Health:(
There you will find the first contact points as well as important initial information.

If you are looking for a direct conversation, you can call the corona virus hotline of the Federal Ministry of Health at (030) 34 64 65 100 to ask your questions and concerns.

If you yourself or one of your close acquaintances should show symptoms, we recommend that you visit your local hospital. The Corona Centres set up there will provide you with all the important information, a corona test and all the necessary next steps. The experts on site can give you certainty and you will not unintentionally endanger your environment.

We, the OEGE-Trading family, hope that you have remained healthy during this time and will continue to remain healthy, so that we will soon be able to welcome you all again as usual at the front of our shop.

So in conclusion, everybody stay healthy.