We built a water well in Africa!

Clean water for all

In these difficult times we all have to do without many of our comforts.
Be it the meeting with friends, the planned vacation trip or the quick shopping, such things are unfortunately no longer possible.
But there is one thing we never had to do without – our basic supply.
We always have enough to eat, there were never problems with light and electricity and water is available directly from the tap.

Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. Many people do not have access to the privilege of clean drinking water at any time.
Nearly one sixth of the world’s population has no access to clean drinking water. Yet drinking water is the most important resource worldwide.
Not only do we need it to live, but also for the production and manufacture of goods, raw materials or food – thus water is indispensable and inconceivable for human life.

For the Christmas season, the festival of love, sharing and giving, we have therefore come up with something special.
Instead of giving you, our suppliers, partners and customers, an expendable gift, this year we are giving you the joy of giving and sharing.

In the eastern “Akuapim South” we have built a water well in the village “Anoff New Apot” in our and your name.
In the pictures you can see the finished well, around it stand the happy villagers and shine with a smile. Not only do you now have access to clean drinking water, but you are also relieved of the burden of having to go in search of clean water every day.
Hopefully, this smile will infect you as much as it does us.
And with exactly this smile we wish you a relaxing and beautiful Christmas.

Happy holidays from the “OEGE-Trading” family