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No matter what time of year, in the supermarket we always have everything on offer – be it coffee from Ethiopia, fruit from Spain or potatoes from Germany. However, not only consumer goods, but also durable goods are transported and sold across and outside the country every day. These goods, like many other goods, have a long way to go before they finally reach the end consumer: Raw materials are cultivated or produced, sold and processed and after many processes they make it to their destination, such as on the shelves of supermarkets.


In times of online shopping, the latest sneakers, chic clothes or brand new smartphones are just a few clicks away.
Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without online trade, which now makes up a gigantic part of the economy. Consultations in the business are statistically much less popular today than the consultation by chat, video call or telephone.
Training to become an e-commerce merchant is probably one of the most varied professions in the commercial sector.


What happens between the click on “buy now!” and the “package is there!”?
Such and many more questions concerning goods can be worked out independently and up close during our training. Don’t just be part of the theory, but part of the process!
Whether it’s goods acceptance and inspection, storage or transport, commission or inventory – this training course offers you guaranteed versatility thanks to its multi-faceted tasks.


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We are…

A family-owned company that works closely together as a team. This also creates a very pleasant working atmosphere.
In contrast to many large companies, we attach great importance to the fact that our trainees are close to the action and not only work in a practical manner, but also participate directly in the day-to-day business. Based on many years of experience and thanks to the structured training by our qualified employees in various departments, there is a 99% chance of being taken on at the end of the training period.

The satisfaction of our employees and trainees is very important to us. Therefore, our trainees also profit from many additional benefits.

  • Free organisation of the working day: flexible working hours and a “flexitime account” allow for adaptation to individual needs.
  • Our kitchen is at the free disposal of all employees at any time. We also like to take the opportunity to take part in the common lunch, which is freshly prepared almost daily.
  • Fresh fruit and drinks are available at any time. Breakfast is also provided by us.
  • In order to further support the health and fitness of our staff, we cover the costs of a gym.
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